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The Cliff, locally also known as the Kusma Bungee is home to Nepal’s highest bungee jump, highest canyon swing and Nepal’s first and highest sky-cycling. Nepal is a popular destination for thousands of tourists from all around the world of which many are avid adventure lovers.


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Experience Adventure
from new heights.

Feel the thrill unlike anywhere else in the world with the World’s highest swing and second highest bungee.

Soaring 228m above the Kaligandaki river

the bungee bridge stretches approximately 520m, making it one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world all while connecting it to the biggest adventure hub in Nepal and probably the world.

Nepal’s natural beauty at it’s finest

In addition to the thrilling adventure and adrenaline, The Cliff’s location also allows visitors to appreciate Nepal’s natural beauty at it’s finest with the view of breathtaking Himalayan range. The Kushma bungy which is the latest addition to Nepal’s adventure scene is one of a kind and definitely one of the most extreme and thrilling experiences you can have anywhere in the world.

World's highest &
longest sky-cycling

For those feeling a little more adventurous, sky cycling provides an adventure while keeping you on an edge, literally, for 300m. You probably want to keep your eyes forward and do not, we repeat – do not look down

The adventure activities at Kusma bungee is definitely not for the faint hearted but if you can muster the courage it is definitely one of the extreme adventure experiences you can have. This latest addition to Nepal’s adventure scene spreads over 120,400 square feet and is a must on the bucket list of all adventure seekers.


Price of Kusma bungee for Nepali:

The price for Kushma Bungee or Swing for all nationality currently at The Cliff is NPR 7000 per person. The price for Tandem swing(couple swing) is NPR 12000. You can customize an adventure package as per your choices, reach us at +977 9841517210 to get a customized package or place your bookings.

Kusma bungee Location:

The Kusma bungee site is approximately 57km from Lakeside, Pokhara.


The World’s highest bridge bungee, swing & tandem swing constructed for these thrilling adventure activities connects 2 districts; Parbat district with Baglung district making this bridge a unique attraction on it’s own.


From Kathmandu, The Cliff is approximately 260km and you have the option to fly to Pokhara and take a 2 hours drive to Kusma or book a vehicle from Kathmandu.

Packages and Prices

Activity only Price
Bungy NRS 7000
Swing NRS 7000
Tandem Swing NRS 12000


Day trips Price
Bungy or Swing day trip NRS 8450
Bungy & Swing day trip NRS 11600
Tandem day trip NRS 15000

The cost includes transport both ways from lakeside Pokhara, activities mentioned and lunch at the resort.


Overnight package Price
Deluxe stay + bungy/swing NRS 9999
Deluxe stay + bungy & swing NRS 13950
Standard stay + bungy/swing NRS 8999
Standard stay + bungy & swing NRS 12950

The packages include activity cost, dinner & breakfast and 1 night’s stay at the resort.


Stay & Chill Price
Deluxe stay  NRS 3500
Standard stay NRS 2500

The packages include night’s stay with dinner and breakfast. 

Note: All prices are inclusive of all taxes.

Kusma Bungee Enquiry & Booking:

We understand unnecessary commutes currently are not what people want to do due to Covid-19, so we are available online 24/7 for any bookings and queries.

Contact Us: 

To place your bookings call us at +977 9841517210 or email us at We will assist you with everything required for a smooth trip.

The Cliff has limited spots for bungee & swings per day and we strongly recommend pre-booking your jumps & stays unless you want to be disappointed having travelled all that way. You can visit the The Cliff’s sales office in Astrek Park, Thamel (Next to Lord of the Drinks).


Where is the Cliff?

The Cliff, bungee jump is located in Kusma, approx. 55km from Pokhara. About 2 hours drive.

Are there any weight limits for the jumps?

Yes, Kusma Bungee weight criteria as as below:

Kusma Bungee : Min 38kgs – Max  98kgs

Kusma Swing : Min 38kgs -Max 118kgs

Kusma Tandem Swing : Max 120kgs 

What Should I wear for bungee or swing?

Comfortable and fitting shoes are mandatory & comfortable clothing are recommended for bungee or swing. Glasses aren’t allowed so make sure you carry your lens if needed. 

What medical conditions should I keep in mind?

While we suggest you inform us regarding any recent injuries, heart conditions, blood pressure we strongly recommend to consult with a doctor in case of any physical or mental health issues.

Is there an age limit at Kusma Bungee?

No, but anyone under 18 will require a parental consent. 

Where do we pay?

Payment in advance for adventure activities at Kusma is necessary. You can pay online via e-sewa, bank deposit/online bank transfer or visit our office in Thamel to make the necessary payment. 


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