School Expedition

We design learning programs with a curricular focus
that moves learning from the classroom to the wider world.

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The Process

We are meticulous about keeping ourselves current on
ways to bring the best out of these programs.

Meeting Your Team.

Our team will get in touch with you to discuss your team building needs and prepare a program to match your goals and budget.

Customize Your Event.

Working with you, we design the program for your team based on the group size, venue, activities and desired outcome.

Final Check.

We have a final check with your team and the venue manager and fine tune the smaller details to make sure everything is perfect.

Team Building.

Our highly experienced trainers make this an engaging & fun team bonding program focused towards achieving goals and desired outcome.


Camp Nepal believes in life-changing school expeditions. We organize student trips around various locations in Nepal, we have the vision and resources to create bespoke educational programmes, tailored to your team’s objectives. Our venue for international school groups, The Cliff located 275 km West of Kathmandu is one of a kind adventure resort in the world providing the students an exceptional environment to learn while having fun.

With consultation with the school (teachers) we design learning programs with a curricular focus that moves learning from the classroom to the wider world. Our Team focuses on creating a better synergy amongst the participants. These programs focus on all the ingredients vital for a team to function efficiently and most importantly bond and feel a part of something bigger as one. Starting from a comfortable and friendly environment guaranteed to be filled with lots of laughter, we slowly push the group onto more serious team activities to build trust, better communication, leadership skills & encourage problem solving.

For school expedition, you can submit an Enquiry online or Contact Us directly with your requirements. We will provide a Proposal tailored to your requirements.


With time school and institute have realized the importance of subjective field trips [History, culture, agriculture, technology, religion]. A project study tour brings education outside the confines of a classroom and gives definition to what students have been learning in the classroom. Along with team building activities concentrated in team bonding these programs have children visit local schools to experience the difference in culture, share their knowledge, play games and help with activities such as painting, cleaning, crafts in our local schools. This is a big part of character building which we believe is very important in growing children.

We remember 20% of what we hear

We remember 50% of what we learn

We remember 99% of what we see.

Our school expedition adventure trips are designed to build students’ confidence and team-work while providing plenty of fun and adventure in a safe and closely supervised environment. This program helps children learn new skills, step outside their comfort zone, challenge themselves and bond as a group with benefits which will extend back to the classroom.

We focus on making our school expedition programs flexible to the needs, size and age of the group. We make sure the children have a thrilling & fun program that has an everlasting memory sure to reconnect them forever.

Our customized program is as flexible as it gets and created to suit your specific needs. Here we build an itinerary based on your needs while revolving around the team building theme. Some of our customized programs include mountain biking, hiking and trekking, white water rafting, rock climbing, community services and more.

What You Should Know.

Safety and safeguarding is our top priority

The safety and well being of your group is always our top priority and we never compromise on it. Our tried and tested safety management systems are backed up by rigorous internal and external auditing which is why teachers trust us to look after their students.

For all adventure activities run by CAN staff, we provide schools with the relevant risk assessments, operating procedures and safeguarding policies. CAN adventure staffs require First Aid certification. Lead instructors hold an appropriate National Governing Body qualification.

For all other programmes, we provide generic risk assessments, supplemented with specific information about a destination, such as disabled access. CAN take all reasonable steps to obtain evidence from excursions providers that Health and Safety has been evaluated and provides this information to party leaders so they can make informed decisions for their group. We assist to party leaders to take Inspection Visits and undertake their own risk assessments.

We understand that you may want to scope out your school trip for yourself before taking your students, so we welcome teachers in order for any pre-planning and risk assessments to be completed.

Coaches contracted by CAN comply with all relevant national legislation, including those laws concerning seat belts on coaches and drivers hours. Coach operators used more than 5 times in a year will have an audit once every 3 years. Tour itineraries are agreed with the coach company to ensure the requirements of drivers’ Hours legislation is adhered to.


How do we start/ plan?

After we receive an inquiry for a school program, our team will meet with the school representatives or set up a virtual meeting to discuss details and layout the team building program.

How many days do we need for a proper Team building program? What does the program include?

For a school team building program we suggest at least 2 full days for an effective team session, however, for international school groups we suggest a 5-7 days program. The program includes games, team challenges, fun activities, community work and a tour of Kathmandu Valley. 

How can I contact my child/family member/friend during the trip?

We offer a 24-hour helpline, for your peace of mind. Our staff follow clear guidelines to ensure a fast and efficient response to your call.

What about if a student needs urgent medical care?

We request everyone to have comprehensive travel insurance including medical and medical evacuation for exactly this reason. All our guides are Wilderness first aid trained. Depending upon the seriousness of injury, medical condition can airlift to Nearest full-fledged medical care.

How safe is the accommodation, transport?

While on a school trip with CAN, your children will stay/travel in a school-friendly environment, selected and audited by us. Our audit checks are carried out by ensuring that we’re confident the accommodation and transportation are suitable for your children’s stay/travel.

Does the student group require teachers or chaperones to accompany the group?

If the students are 18 years and below then the group needs to be accompanied by teachers or chaperones who have been assigned as the legal guardians for the minors.

Are these trips physically demanding?

Most school trips are not overly physically demanding however if you want to incorporate extreme hiking, trek then it can be physically demanding. As we develop the itinerary with you, we can adapt it to meet the physical needs of your school group.

Some students have intolerances/allergies; some are vegetarian or for religious reasons cannot eat certain foods. Can you cater for this?

Yes, we can. Well in advance of your trip, we request a list of student names, DOB, allergies/medical issues, and if there are certain foods they cannot eat due to moral/religious/allergy/intolerance/medical or any other reasons. We then meal plan taking this into consideration to ensure everyone is catered for.

Is there any dress code for the trip?

Dress code depends upon the type (trekking, tour) of trip and time of the trip (winter, monsoon)

Your trip leader/Teacher will provide you with the packing list prior to your trip.

Do we need to carry extra money?

We recommend that Group Leaders carry a small float and credit card to cover any unforeseen events. Please refer to your Booking Confirmation details for information on items not included in your tour price but which will need to be budgeted for.

Why should I book through Camp Adventures Nepal?

CAN, are a Nepal owned company with over 12 years of experience in the field. Booking with us means you have direct access to your assigned reservations consultant, allowing you to call, email our office 24×7 for any questions that arise during your trip planning.

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